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Of all the cinematic scenarios requiring impeccable sound effects, battle scenes and war sequences top the list. Even if only a small part of the action unfolds onscreen, you can still give viewers the sense of witnessing an epic war by incorporating convincing effects at exactly the right moments. Sound effects also help to place your battle at the right period in history. If you're doing a war scene from the Middle Ages, you can bet it will sound very different than a sci fi battle taking place in the year 3000, and has the perfect war sounds for both!

With's extensive online library, you'll find thousands of royalty free sound effects relating to battle.'s innovative digital sound effects catalog lets you buy just the effects you need. Full previews of each effect are available, and each is accompanied by a detailed description and title. Within the larger Weapons, Explosions and Military category, you'll find the narrower categories such as Aircraft Carriers, Air Raid Sirens, Military Tanks, Rocket Launchers and RPGs, Swords, War Hammers, Flame Throwers, Catapults, Bows & Arrows, Torpedoes, Whips and more.

Civil War cannons blast and Medieval fireballs are launched by catapults! There are cavalry charges, wheels on dirt roads, musket fire, and clanking suits of armour. If your imagination can conceive of it, chances are good you'll find it in the library.

As for more up-to-date sounds, the library contains hundreds of options for machine gun battles, circling choppers, shooting lasers, and much more. For general war and battle ambiences, there are many soundscapes that incorporate explosions and gunshots that are appropriate to the era. Use the war sound collection to bring your battle scenes to life—click here to search now!