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Many years ago, radio performers created their own thunder sound effects: a thunderstorm was often simulated by shaking a thin sheet of metal, a great old piece of radio technology called a thundersheet. How times have changed! These days, movies and TV shows feature extremely convincing storm sound effects, from pounding rain to huge lightning claps. And now, with the advent of searchable online sound libraries, it's easier than ever to locate the perfect weather and thunder sound effects!

At the website, you'll find a catalog of more than 130,000 sound effects, including nearly 400 pertaining to thunderstorms. Not only can you listen to the tracks before you purchase them, but downloading them to your computer is as simple as clicking your mouse. There's no need to purchase an entire CD or DVD full of weather sound effects if you only need one or two. gives you the flexibility to buy exactly what you want.

You can find a big clap of thunder with wind and rain, a large rolling rumble, a huge crack of a thunder sound punctuated with rain, distant heavy rolling, thunder with light rain, cartoon thunder rumble sound effects, and powerful lightning strikes. As you can see, each of the sound effects is incredibly precise, allowing you to find the one that perfectly suits your specific needs.

Other sound effects within the weather category include rain, snow, storms & natural disasters and wind. To explore our full catalog of thunder sound effects, click here to start searching! When you've found what you're looking for, don't forget to browse the rest of our library for more great sound effects and royalty free music.