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Wouldn't it be wonderful if there was a vast online library of professional-quality sound effects, each of which could be downloaded with a few mouse clicks? And wouldn't it be great if you could search the entire sound effects library effortlessly, instantly locating effects as diverse as a witch's boiling cauldron, the ring of a cell phone, and birds chirping in the African jungle?

With, it's not just a dream--it's a reality. With over 130,000 sound effects falling into a huge range of categories, adding professional sound effects to your media project has never been simpler. You can browse the sound effects library using our 20 sound effects categories as your jumping off point and then you can drill down by category and keyword search to find exactly the sound effects you need.'s detailed classification system allows you to pinpoint the perfect effect in a matter of seconds. The sound effects library is organized to complement the way you think--intelligent descriptions and titles let you evaluate a sound effect at a glance. Best of all you can listen to the complete version of each and every sound effect before you buy!

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