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If you're working on a movie, advertisement, video game or other project that takes place in the future or in some fantastic other reality, great sci fi sound effects are key. It takes a bit of extra effort to create a convincing sci fi universe--you have to dream up an entire world of new inventions, creatures, and locations. The success of the project relies in large part on the quality and innovation of your sound; think of R2D2's distinctive beeps or the sound of a spaceship blasting off at warp speed.

Packed with professional-quality science fiction sounds available for instant download, the sound effects library at has sci fi effects to suit just about any futuristic endeavor. With science finction ambiences, monsters and creatures from beyond human knowledge, horror atmospheres and alien technology, is your one-stop science fiction sound clip source. Together, we can make the interiors of your spaceships come alive with beeps, hums, power pulses, warbles, drills, switches, hatches, forcefields and more! We can help you recreate the feeling of a deserted planet with spooky, roaring winds and eerie rumbles.

For futuristic battles, there are sci fi sounds for machine guns, laser shots, passing space ships, and deep space explosions. For convincing sci fi interior scenes, there are air-driven doors, air lock releases, opening and closing glass shields and hydraulic cargo doors. You'll also find useful robot sounds ranging from the movements of a small, fast servo to malfunctioning droids, ensuring that your non-human characters will be as lively as your people and aliens. makes adding science fiction sound effects to your project more convenient and cost-effective than ever. You buy only the effects you need, and you can listen to full audio samples before you buy. Still need convincing? Click here to check out the our vast library of science fiction sound effects now!