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A scary movie, television show, advertisement or video game is only as frightening as its scary sounds. The audience might see the shadow of the approaching monster--but it's the heroine's glass-shattering scream that really drives home the terror. But how do you locate the most realistic, horrifying sound effects for your project? Not too long ago, there was only one viable answer: sift your way through an endless stream of CD or DVD tracks. But finding that elusive perfect scary sound track took ages--and what's more, the other sound effects on the disc were wasted.

With an online library of over 130,000 sound effects, is at the forefront of a small revolution. Offering customers the ability to easily locate and download single effects, this unique digital library makes that old needle-in-a-haystack method completely obsolete. The new model is marked by increased flexibility; you can download one effect, two effects, a set of related effects, or even an entire themed CD's worth of scary sounds!

At, there are hundreds of scary sound effects to choose from. Divided into four distinct categories and all of the listings in the Sci Fi, Fantasy, Creatures and Horror category feature helpful descriptions. Of course, reading a description often isn't enough. With, a click of your mouse lets you listen to the entire sound effect as many times as you want before purchasing it and instantly downloading it to your computer.

Need to hear the scary sounds of an alien's slimy slither? A creature's high-pitched squeal? Acid melting someone's head? Freaky backwards talk? The scary sounds of an groaning of an old haunted house? The library of scary sound effects has you covered. Search for scary sounds now!