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A movie can be beautifully shot, well written, and brilliantly acted, but in order to be truly great, it also needs exquisite sound. When you think about it, sound is what lets the audience experience film on a visceral level. It's one thing to watch an image of a police chase on a screen; it's quite another to watch that screen while sirens blare in your ears and footsteps pound the ground!

Once upon a time, terrific movie sound effects were out of reach for anyone but big-budget directors. These directors typically added sound in post-production using actors on a specially equipped Foley stage. Next came the barrage of sound effects CDs and DVDs--more cost-effective, certainly, but it's no fun to wade through hundreds of tracks just to find a single effect that might work.

Thankfully, the Internet has come to the rescue. With's vast searchable library of movie sound effects and royalty-free music, you'll shave hours off your quest for the perfect sounds. Once you locate the ones that suit your project ( lets you listen to files for free before you buy), simply click to purchase.

If you require more than just a few sound effects, consider downloading a themed CD from of related tracks. The choice is up to you! Click here to start searching for movie sound effects.