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To the untrained ear, all gunshots might sound alike, but sound effects specialists know differently. Whether you're recreating a scene from World War II, the Civil War, the Revolutionary War, or a good old-fashioned Wild West duel, the sound of your weapons needs to perfectly match the image on the screen.

Need a single blast from a black powder cannon? A 1975 V2 Rocket explosion? A shot from a model 17 semi automatic pistol? How about a burst of bullets from a .223 Remington automatic rifle? With, the ideal gunshot sound effects are only a few mouse clicks away.

When you use, your days of purchasing entire CDs or DVDs just to get a single sound effect are over. You can not only pinpoint the exact gunshot sound you want, you can listen to it to make sure it suits your purposes before you buy. Best of all, lets you buy only the effects you want, while still offering the option to download themed CDs of similar sound effects when you need them.

Interested in finding out what has to offer? Click here to start searching for gunshot sound effects now. Don't forget to check out the other great categories of sounds, from animal grunts to intergalactic spaceship battles. There's a great selection of music samples, too. No matter what you're looking for, is sure to have it--let your media projects blow everyone away.