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Are you tired of slogging your way through CDs and DVDs packed with sound effects? There might be hundreds of effects on a single disc, but to find the one you're looking for you have to wade through all of them. With's library of professional sound effects and royalty free music, is changing the way that movie, advertising and video game industries buy sound effects. Amateur and professional filmmakers alike benefit from the huge array of options, from ambient sound landscapes to howling coyotes and popping balloons.

As any comedian knows, funny sound effects and unexpected pratfalls can make an audience burst into laughter. has a wide range of noises for comedies and cartoons, from funny voices to exaggerated zings, whooshes and smacks. Categories of fund sound effects include crashes, falls, human voices, animals and creatures, musical sounds, weapons, vehicle noises and more.

The library boasts over 130,000 sounds, with hundreds included in the comedy and cartoon category. Searching for the one you want is as easy as entering a keyword or selecting sound category. Each sound is carefully classified and labelled to ensure that your search is as fast and easy as possible! With, you can opt to download a single effect or entire themed CD.

With so much flexibility and so many options, adding funny sound effects has never been easier! Find the ideal sound effects for your comedy or cartoon project today!