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Whether in movies, video games, or advertisements, there's no question that perfect sound effects can captivate an audience. Images are two-dimensional, but authentic sounds make people feel as though they're right in the center of the action. Can you imagine Jurassic Park without the dinosaurs' earth-shaking footsteps? Star Wars without the buzz of light sabers? Sound is what brings a project to life.

It used to be that realistic sound effects for movies were recorded (at considerable expense) on a special Foley sound stage, where actors timed each movement to the finished film. Since then, digitized sound effects packaged on CDs and DVDs have made adding realistic sound much cheaper and easier. Now, with the emergence of downloadable sound effects on the Internet, a new revolution is taking place--and with a huge library of professional sound effects and music samples, is ahead of the curve.

Instead of spending long hours going through all the tracks on a CD to find the one effect that works, with your search is an easy as typing a keyword. Need a galloping herd of horses? A blood-curdling scream? The sound of rustling grass? puts them all at your fingertips.

With you can choose to purchase packages of effects or a single sound, and you can listen to each track before you buy it. With all of the world-famous Sound Ideas Sound Effects to choose from, we know you will find exactly the sounds you need. Filmmakers, videographers, radio engineers, post-production houses, multimedia gurus and music producers are all realizing the benefits of downloadable sound. Don't get left behind: search for the perfect sound effects now!

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