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What would car chase scenes be without the sound of squealing tires and slamming brakes? Even your run-of-the-mill family road trip scene needs sound effects to be truly convincing, from the puttering of the motor to the sound effects of wind blowing through an open window. As every filmmaker knows, a few well-placed sound effects can be the difference between a so-so scene and one that increases an audience's collective heart rate.

If you're seeking true-to-life sound effects for automobiles or anything else, look no further than With a large library of sounds and samples (over 130,000 and counting!) there is simply no better place for you to find the perfect car sound effects.

In the extensive library, there are even separate noises for different makes and models of cars, from the honking horn of an older model Toyota to the sound of a soccer Mom’s van pulling into a parking space. In fact, just about any type of vehicle manoeuvre you can imagine is contained within the vast catalog of sounds. Categories include antique cars, horns, clunkers, all-terrain vehicles, motorcycles, and vans. Plus, there are car sound effects for crashes, traffic, doors opening, car horns and windows rolling down.

But perhaps the best thing about the library is how easy it is to use. If you're used to getting your sound effects from a CD with hundreds of tracks, you'll be amazed at how quickly you can locate and purchase sounds from's digital library. Just select your search criteria, listen to the sounds that interest you, and click to buy. Click here to find the perfect car sound effects today!